Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sally O'Boyle

Sally, A Broad in Costa Rica, a once and future Key Wester, writes a nice story about her Granny Boo here.

I check in with Sally periodically to see what she & Hal & the boys are up to in CR, and because they are both interesting bloggers.

Sally has this to say about a recent Citizen article on illegal signs that have sprouted all over town since last year's hurricanes:

This from Joe April, head of Key West Code Enforcement:
"We are taking care of it [illegal signs] to the best of our ability," April said. "There's only so many of us, and we have to deal with illegal contractors, illegal rentals and trash and everything. Sometimes it takes months to get it solved. They claim they have First Amendment rights, and we have to tell them they don't."

God, I miss you guys.

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