Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's not Quite Alaska, but it's Different

After three days of driving north, we arrived in Rochester, NH last night at around 8:30 PM. We left Key West Monday morning at around 5 and pulled up in Savannah, GA before dark. After a quick automobile tour of old Savannah, we backtracked the eight miles to Intersate 95 and booked into the Comfort Inn in a complex of hotels, restaurants, gas stations obviously designed to accomodate the visitors who choose not to stay in downtown, where prices are undoubledly higher (we didn't check). Our Comfort Inn room was $70 and included an adequate breakfast buffet as well as wired/wireless internet access. We were supposed to have been charged another $20 as a pet surcharge for Maggie. The clerk, however, didn't note that on the rental form, and the woman who checked us out in the morning also let it slide when Janet said something to her about the surcharge.

Tuesday brought us from Savannah to Greencastle, PA, just north the Mason-Dixon line. We lived there for almost seven years during the 90s. We were staying at the home of a former next door neighbor, someone we try to visit whenever we are making the north-south (pr south-north) trek.

After breakfast with "Pickle" (the neighbor), we set out on the final leg of the journey. Somewhere around Hazelton, PA, it began to rain. By the time we hit Scranton, it was coming down pretty hard, and by the time we got to the Taconic Parkway in NEw York, it was pelting. Janet is a nervous passenger. She doesn't like to drive when we're on a trip (although she has done it). She can't sleep in the car either, and she's on the the alert for any peril I might not have recognized, makes sure that I'm aware of it and am taking the right precautions. By the time we got off the Massachusetts Turnpike, she was totally stressed out. We did the last hundred miles, still in puring down rain, at what she considered an unsafe speed but that allowed us to reach our destination just after sunset, but in near dark because of the cloud cover that overshadowed the entire last day.

We'll be here for the rest of June, but will continue to post about Key West. At this distance, I plan to take a stand-back look at Our Town, to see whether it looks the same from here as if does up-close.

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