Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Anonymous Comment from TAMPOA

Another comment on my June 17th posting, this one from "FF", who also wears the cloak of anonymity, reflects the opinion of at least some of the TAMPOA community:

I think it's Commissioner Lopez and his cronies who are a little wacky on this one. TAMPOA owns the street but has been patient and negotiated in good faith. It's the City who screwed up again -- and is trying to screw them. It wouldn't suprise me if a few of these commissioners never made it past the fifth grade.
FF | Email | Homepage | 06.19.06 - 8:20 am | #

This City Commission is made up of men of integrity, each of whom vowed to represent the entire City and each of their districts in the PUBLIC interest. Those private interests who expected to continue to receive special treatment because of their wealth, or because of their economic clout in an economy built on greed, or their willingness to use the courts to maintain their special privilege, are beginning to realize that it won't be business as usual with this Commission. TAMPOA is late to the party. The Watermark developers have seen the reality. So have the developers of several other properties such as those that have called a four-story building a two story building. And so have those who sued for and got unique licenses allowing them to rent their "homes" to transient vacationers. If it is true that there are many fewer owners than there are properties in Truman Annex, that is, if some individuals own multiple units within the annex (and I believe it is true), then we aren't dealing with a neighborhood of homeowners at all, we're dealing with powerful commercial interests who don't want to be a part of the community, but to profit from it.

I feel bad for those owners who opposed the commercialization of their neighborhood. They wanted only to live peacefully in their homes and now find themselves in the center of a controversy not of their making. See here for how that came to be.

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