Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back Home Again

It was an auspicious time for our return. As we approached Florida City on Florida's Turnpike, we could see the storm clouds stacked up over the Keys. By the time we reached Marathon it was raining. The cloud cover was heavy as far as we could see. Lightining occasionally lit the sky. Dark was approaching.

We drove steadily for three days, stopping only at rest stops and gas stations until just before nightfall, then pulling up at Comfort Inns and Knight Inns for a dinner and sleep. Martinsburg, WV the first night. Yemassee, SC the next. 600 miles a day was the goal, and we did it. Now we knew we'd back in Key West by just after sunset.

As we passed the Boca Chica exit at mile marker 10 we could see the dark clouds encircling Key West, but not over it yet. We were hurrying to get to the house, stopping only to get some milk and dog food at Circle K and gyros at Miami Subs. Overhead, the clouds threatened rain but it never happened. By the time we had brought things in from the car and eaten our gyros, the rain clouds moved away. Dark fell. We crashed early and slept until after 9 AM.

It is good to back home.

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