Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mini Takes the States

Rick Rumrell, Captain Outrageous' attorney, is taking part in a cross-country tour in his brand new MiniCooper S JCW GP. He'll pick the car up in Long Beach, California and take part in the Historic Laguna Seca races, not as a racer, but driving in the opening lap of the race along with what might be a few hundred like-minded MiniCooper owners. Over 3,000 MiniCooper owners are taking part in the event during August.

Rick plans to blog his journey at this website, which I had the pleasure of helping him to establish. He's blogging away already, two weeks before he leaves for California.

He also blogs about Florida at another site, Real Florida. You might look in there too if you have a few minutes.

I loved the pictures of the Captain Outrageous Demotivational Seminar van that Rick is driving locally before he leaves, and the Do It In The Road pickup.

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Anonymous said...

I have wanted a Mini Cooper S since my road rallying days in the late 60's. Then, when I was graduating from college, going to work, and could afford one, they were declared ineligible for import because of California emission standards.

This latest Mini Cooper makes me have goosebumps (and I think I need a cigarette...and I don't smoke.)

Unfortunately, any car which costs almost as much as my first house is definitely out of the running.

And when are they going to learn that 13 gallons just isn't enough? Even Mooney has optional tip tanks on their new Ovation, which is probably the fastest single engine,normally aspirated aircraft going. Unfortunately, with full tanks, the wife and I would have to leave the luggage behind. Guess I'll go with the standard tanks and stop for refueling at 3 1/2 hours.

Ovation is forecast to debut at about $458,000.

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