Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto at 2 PM Tuesday

The rain began about two hours ago, and it began raining heavily a few minutes ago. We got back home just in time. We drove to Publix for our weekly weigh-in, then took a ride around town to see what was happening. We went to Publix by way of South Roosevelt Boulevard. "The sea was angry, my friends!" Well, not really angry, but disturbed. The skies are all gray now, after a day that began with partial sunshine. Most tourist related business are closed. The supermarkets appear to all be open still. A number of bars and restaurants are still open and operating, notably, Sloppy Joe's, Rick's, the Bull, PT's, the Grreen Parrot and Schooner Wharf. None were doing much business.

I closed up the shutters on the landlords' apartment as we arrived back home. Now we're inside, snug and secure, where we are likely to remain until Ernesto moves far enough away. The latest WeatherBug/NWS/EOC updates now reflect an eye position 135 miles south-southeast of Key West and tracking northwest at about a relatively brisk 13 miles an hour. The forecast is still for heavy rain and tropical storm winds in the 60-knot range later on today and into the evening. The upper Keys are more in the central part of the cone of error (or terror/probability/death) as is is variously known) than Key West. Landfall looks like it could be in an area between Key Largo and Florida City, around the 18-mile stretch.

The Miami TV stations are all Ernesto all the time now, with commercial no interruptions. Thanks be for the cable stations and for DVDs.

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