Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto at 2 PM

WeatherBug just flashed an alert to an update on Ernesto. There are now two active alerts for Monroe County. One at 12:06 PM added a forecast of 4-6 inch rainfalls, mainly in the middle and upper keys. The second, a few minutes ago at 2:10 PM updated information to reflect the 2:00 PM advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Ernesto is currently a tropical storm, and it looks like it will arrive at the Keys as a tropical storm. Here's the important part:

...Winds... Winds Are Expected To Remain Safe For Travel For High Profile Vehicles Through Tuesday Morning. Tropical Storm Force Winds May Reach The Middle And Upper Keys By Late Tuesday Afternoon.

...Rainfall Impacts...Rainfall Amounts Of Between 4 And 6 Inches...Mainly In The Middle And Upper Keys...Are Possible.

...Probability Of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Conditions...The Probability Of Tropical Storm Force Winds In Key West Is 43 Percent... And 55 Percent At Marathon. The Probability Of Hurricane Force Winds At Key West Is 6 Percent...And 8 Percent At Marathon.

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