Thursday, August 10, 2006

Euthanasia Necessary to Control Populations

This from the Key West Citizen in Letters to the Editor:

A common trait amongst felines in such an environment (he's talking about the Hemingway House) is inbreeding, and the sure-fire sign of inbreeding amongst felines worldwide is the defective polydactyl gene (extra digits). This deformity is not by any means a healthy genetic trait to have passed down from generation to generation, and especially not one to be proud of, nor should it be placed as part of "Key West's charm," plus make money off of it from the unwary tourist.

And the writer's solution for getting rid of the defectives?

"Collectors" of such large groups of cats typically can't provide the proper care necessary for its group size, and [animals] are commonly seized for the better health of the animal or proper euthanasia for terminal animals.

Fire up the execution chamber, I have two defective cats and six motherless chicks who probably wouldn't survive anyway. Back soon with more.

It sounds like Eugenics might be making a comeback. Stay healthy. No telling where this could go.

p.s. Unwary tourist!? Is there another kind?

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