Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pictures here, and there.

As you can see from the pictures that show up in the right-hand column, I've been using Flickr! as an internet photo library. I recently discovered a new service called Picasa, owned by Google, that may serve as an alternative to Flickr!, which I tend not to use much as it seems complicated to me.

What attracts me to Picasa is that it is well-integrated with the iPhoto library on my Macintosh iBook. I can upload photos to Picasa directly from iPhoto, whereas Flickr! operates stand-alone. Flickr!, by the way, was acquired by Yahoo! a while ago.

I'm testing Picasa with this photo of a figurehead painted by "himself". I took the picture at the Captain Outrageous Gallery, where I work three days a week. Captain pays me and provides an off-street parking spot. He also buys me coffee. It's work I enjoy. I also enjoy the working environment.

Hey, I could be clerking at a supermarket, driving a cab (not an entirely unattractive idea), or doing something else less interesting.

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