Friday, September 22, 2006

For the sake of blogging .....

I'm losing momentum here at The Real Key West. You might have noticed. It's a symptom, of trying to do too much and falling behind on my objective of posting at least once a day.

I'm contributing sporadically now to Tom Kemper's Bahama Villlage blog. I have a posting there this morning. I'm working on Captain Outrageous' web sites (he's up to six now). The Bahama Village Consortium keeps me busy as we deal with the Truman Waterfront Park issues. There was a dustup at Southard Street yesterday. Police were involved. The Bahama Conch Community Land Trust holds its annual meeting next week, and the BCCLT is getting "busy" after Norma Jean Sawyer-Atanda secured us a couple of good-sized grants that will yield positive results for the organization. The Bahama Village Music Program holds its annual fund-raising dinner at Coco Palms on the 29th (e-mail me if you'd like to attend). We began our 2006-2007 school year this month with some new programs designed to involve some of the older kids in the community we serve.

Mark Finkel thinks I'm ducking him, afraid to respond to arguments from TAMPOA that it is the City and Bahama Village who are at fault for the impasse over access to the Waterfront Park. Uh-uh, Mark. I'll get back to this over at the BV blog.

I'm due to show up at Captain's Gallery in less than a half hour, so this'll be short.

Wish us a Happy Anniversary. It's 44 years ago today that we married in Watertown, MA. We'll celebrate tomorrow by going out for a nice dinner somewhere. Tonight, there's a dance contest at the Bottle Cap in support of the King/Queen pageant for AIDS Help. Janet's looking to take home a prize.

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