Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kindred Spirits

Sometimes there are kindred spirits around and you fail to notice them. Cayo Dave, who I don't know personally, writes a Key West blog kind of like my own, and we seem to be in agreement on many things. I only found his blog, the Key West Chronicle, as a result of a comment he left here on The Real Key West.

Dave was having some interesting interaction with those of another opinion about the whole TAMPOA "thing" going on in the courts.

As far as the case itself is concerned, it is in the hands of Judge Jones of the Circuit Court here in Key West. He is expected to hand down a ruling of some sort on the City's motion to dismiss TAMPOA's lawsuit against the City. If he does rule to dismiss, TAMPOA is likely to appeal. If he doesn't deliver such a ruling (TAMPOA amended their original suit and are expected to move to dismiss the Bahama Village Consortium as intervenor on the side of the City), BVC attorneys will continue to explore whether TAMPOA has any rights to close Southard Street -- and maybe other streets in Truman Annex as well.

Thanks for your support Dave and props to you for caring enough to be engaged in what goes on here.

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Anonymous said...

good ole dave was foul mouthed, rude, and insulting. his reasoning was poor and rather than argue facts he played on emotions and bias (ie. class, and race). he represents a poor example of rational discussion. you ought to be ashamed of placing him up as an example of reasoned thought.

Robert Kelly said...

Ashamed? No, as long as Dave is willing to put his name to what he writes, it's what he has to say that I find important, not how he says it. It wouldn't be my way.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I was a participant in the unfinished mediation so many months ago. My vision of the Park is unchanged since I first became aware of the plans for it. A real park, with real park amenities, nearby conveniences, easy access for pedestrians and those using public or enviroment-friendly transport. Not much traffic anywhere, and very little parking for private cars.

Damn, this space is too small for all this. I'm going to switch to a post, later, when I have more time.

Anonymous said...

you state that the prior mediation was unfinished but that was not the way it ended as you would have known had you stayed for the entire session (check with the city attorney and mr burke). the park is being changed from a park to a market rate development courtesy of mr swift and the transformation of the acl to 200+ market condos. your city commissioner is supporting 425 parking spaces and i have heard no comment from him or any of the commissioners about this evolution.
the annex was willing to allow two way access to the park till evening but bv wants the annex to give 24 hour access and not allow any access or egress through bv. it wants the annex to sacrifice its security. you may say that your position has not changed but looking at your more recent blogs it looks as if you have bought into the developers plan by your deafening silence. you initally recommended that there be access both through bv and ta but now it's only though bv. the annex has compromised but the city any bv have not. unfortunately you as part of the consortium have not been consistant. too bad.

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