Monday, September 11, 2006

What's Your Name?

Something I was thinking about this morning: we know a lot of people here by their first names only. We wind up referring to some of them by the associations we have with them. Things like A.M. Rick, P.M. Rick and Houseboat Rick; Artist John, Seekers John and just John, our landlord; Dancing Jim, Fishing Jim, or Mama Jim. Some locals are fairly famous as their personas but their real names are known by many fewer people than their persona names. Captain Outrageous, Bubba, Red Flowers, Little Boy, Caffeine Carl, Sammy the SoundMan, and many more.

I wondered whether it was like this in other places we've lived. I'm quite sure that it wasn't. This continues a tradition that originated here among the Bubbas. I've seen a book that lists many of the nicknames from the past, names like Shine, Shorty and, of course, Sloppy (Joe), Papa Hemingway) and Captain (Tony). [Actually, Captain always requires a qualifier, since so many here merit such a title -- Captain Bill, Captain Walt, Captain Carl and many more -- because they hold captain's licenses for boats. For me, Captain means Captain Outrageous.] One year, FastBuck Freddies featured many of the bubba names in their Duval Street display windows.

I'm trying to find that book, but I'll collect some names over the next few days and try to blog some of them.

Just killing time while Janet shops in Old Town on her tricycle.

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jipzeecab said...

Here are some good KW Bubba names with the owner's occupation:

Bungie-roof contractor
Mengie-phone company technician
Wingie-supermarket manager(WinnDixie)
Bookie-School Admin and Sav&Loan Exec.
Mullet-math teacher/union leader

Use OpenDNS