Friday, October 06, 2006

Be Our Guests

It's going to be a busy fifteen days. It all begins on the 20th with Goombay Festival Street Fair, continuing through late-night on the 21st. Fantasy Fest® also kicks off on the 20th as the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest are chosen to reign over the festival. Everything that goes on in the following week leads up to the the Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade® on October 28th.

The following week, Parrotheads arrive in paradise for a Meeting of the Minds, to "party with a purpose" for four days.

I'd be remiss to not mention something that the Parrotheads are doing for our Bahama Village Music Program. They raise money each year for worthy purposes, by taking donations in favor of candidates for King and Queen of Somewhere Hot. This year, PH's have chosen the Music Program as the main benificiary of their largess. BVMP is to get 85% of the money raised. The rest will be distributed to other worthy organizations. I was astonished to learn that $11,000 has already been raised, with three weeks still to go before MOTM. Two years ago, our steel pan band got to make music with Robert Greenidge, pannist for the Coral Reefers, and later had a group lesson with him. The kids are also being taught to sing along with their playing the pans, and we are teaching African dance to another group of kids. Their should be appearances by the BVMP kids at Goombay and MOTM. I'll post more information as I get it.

So, if you're coming to party with us, have a good time, just remember, we live here. Please behave as though you are guests in our home, 'cause that's what you are. Welcome guests, but guests all the same.

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