Sunday, October 22, 2006

Discovery Glass-Bottom Boat

I heard the other day that the Discovery glass-bottom boat that we went to the reef on last week has decided to call it all in, and cease operating. It's another small business succumbing to the pressures and perils of doing business here. Discovery's sales booth is in a poor location for walk-in business, and far enough off the beaten path of Duval St. to miss most of the bookings available there. They got business from the sidewalk sales booths, but apparently not enough to keep the boat running. The day we went out, I'd estimate that there were no more than 20 passengers aboard for the 2-1/12 hour trip. I know that some of them were on complimentary tickets and discounted fares.

Similarly, and across town, Budde's Office and Art Supplies on Flagler Avenue is closing soon, very likely at the end of this week. I went there with Captain Outrageous twice last week. Almost everything in the store was 75% off. He stocked up on the paints he uses, bought a bunch of brushes, and saved a lot of money. I picked up a few things too, some CD-R's, business card stock for the printer and trifold brochure paper that I might also use someday.

Here are some pictures from our cruise. Those are yellowtail, small ones, in the first picture; a barracuda in the second; a brain coral on the ocean-bottom in the third; and your intrepid explorer at the end.

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