Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Doing Tourist Things

I've been very focused on Bahama Village of late. What blog energy I have is directed to the Bahama Village Web Log.

We did take the glass-bottom boat tour, as we were about to do the last time I was here, and we enoyed it a lot. I took a glass-bottom boat tour with my brother and sister-in-law last year on the Fury's boat. It was not a good day that day, no sun to light up the reef, pretty silted up from cruise ships. This time we went on the Discovery glass-bottom. We liked their hull-layout, windows on the sides rather than the bottom, but slanted so you could the bottom and out the sides as well. We moved slowly over the reef, somtimes so close to the reef that we were afraid that the boat was going to hit it and break something. We were surrounded by yellowtail, who seemed to be following the boat sometimes. Barracuda, nurse sharks, and other fish were pointed out by the live narrator, who spins out a pretty interesting stories about the things we are seeing.

We have a card form the hospital that gives us discounts on lots of different things. This was one of them. We got 20% off the walk-in price of $35 per person. Always look for the discounts, it's a major marketing instrument here. Pick up coupons at the airport arrival gate, at many hotels and guest houses, and other places around town. Ask a concierge what's available. As a last resort, ask at an inforamtion booth on the street. Both the concierge (or desk attendant) and the street-side operators are commission-paid, so you can expect to pay pretty near full price, especially when it's busy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, completely right with discounts, I never heard about that boat - I need to check it out. Cool pics.

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