Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Barrios of Old Key West

From My Memories of Old Key West by Nilo Lopez:

Barrios or Neighborhoods

At one time in Key West, the local Cuban community had four different names when talking about various parts of the city. They were the following:

El Barrio de Gato or Gato Village;

El Barrio del los PiƱos or "The Pines", -- which reminds me of a story told to me, that a gentleman who had a restaurant in that area was elected to the City Council and the only thing that he did during his term was to say: "I second the motion".
Cubans llike to put nicknames and from that day, he was known as "Second the Motion".

El Barrio de los Negros or Afro Americans neighborhood;

El Barrio de los Concos or "Conch Town."


Anonymous said...

hi bob, luv ur blog, it keeps me in the know with key west and learning something. do you know anything about the waterfront market? i saw a post on the craiglist for the keys and emailed but got no response. it is in the rant and raves section. if you cant find it i will try and post the address to you. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Kelly said...

Dear Anon, I di know about the Waterfront Market. They're in the news because the City is proposing to raise their rent to "market" rates. What would you like to know. E-mail me directly (address in my profile) so I can respond.


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