Friday, November 03, 2006

Citizen of the Day

It took over six years, but I finally made Citizen of the Day at the Key West Citizen. My 15 minutes of fame came on October 21, more than two years after Janet was similarly recognized on September 8, 2004. Her selection was by Rob O'Neal. Mine came from Mike Hentz. Next up: Honorary Conch? Mike gave a plug to our blog which ought ot bring in a little more traffic. We had 1939 unique visitors last month, far below a high of 3,480 in November of 2005, when hurricanes were all the rage, but still a respectable number. Undertandably, 95% of our traffic comes from the United States, but our logs show visitors from the UK (404 visits) to Brunei Darussalam (1 visit).

My picture was taken during Goombay, as I was working at the BCCLT booth. Janet's was taken at the Butterfly Conservatory when she worked there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You kind of look like a baseball player from the thirties. A truly great pic.

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