Friday, November 03, 2006

How the Conch Republic Got It's Name

Keys Realty offers a nice write up on how the Conch Republic came into being. Here's the content of the Honorary Conch certificate:

"Whereas the thrice-blessed residents of the Isles of the Eternal Sun believe it only fair and proper to share their good fortune, they do hereby declare (name) to be a clear-thinking kindred soul, eminently worthy to be an 'Honorary Conch' and Citizen of the Fabulous Florida Keys and as such entitled, from this day forward, to enjoy to the fullest the bounteous pleasures and privileges so lavishly bestowed upon the Florida Keys by nature, and so artfully supplemented by the works of man. Pure, smog-free, pollenfree never-chilled air; superb fishing from bridges, beaches or boats; unparalled swimming and frolicking in the crystal waters of the Atlantic, or the Gulf of Mexico; gourmet dining on such delicacies as Florida Keys Lobster, Shrimp, Green Turtle Steak and Key Lime Pie; the wriggling of toes in warm sand as the rest of the world hurries by; and most important, acceptance as an equal by the world's friendliest people.

"These shall be the prerogatives of The Honorary Conch, and let no man interfere with the pursuit thereof. Know Ye, then, that even though it be by adoption, the above is henceforth and forevermore One of Us."

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