Thursday, December 21, 2006

Captain Bill's Excellent Adventure

Captain Bill Brice bought himself an antique motorcycle on eBay. He flew out to California to pick it up and intends to ride it back here over the next 10 days.

Here's Bill's report on his first day:

Hi Bob;
Turns out the guy I bought the bike from is a photographer and graphic artist who does all his professional work on Mac computers.

Well, I picked the bike up today in Santa Barbara and made it as far as Santa Monica, about 100 miles down the road.  The bike was running great and strong and I really enjoyed the ride down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for those of you who might be California challenged).  It's a gorgeous winding road right on the beach most of the way.  I was waiting at a light and when it turned green, I pulled the clutch to go and the clutch cable broke, right on the PCH--I was in the left-most of 3 lanes heading south, so I had to push it off the road across 2 lanes in heavy traffic.  I thought I was going to be squashed like a bug, but everybody waited till I was clear!  
I pushed it into the parking lot of a very swank hotel and the valet parking guys eyed me critically for a few seconds and then gladly gave me a spot to leave it overnight--they were very nice and helpful and we ended up in a discussion about BMWs--they loved the bike--and called a cab for me.  Same thing happened at the gas station.  Guys kept walking over to look and chat so my gas stop took about 25 minutes to pump 4.8 gallons.  I'm in a very nice Best Western for the night, hoping all those seldom-used (and very sore) bike-riding muscles will recover enough to allow me to do it all again.  Tomorrow I take a cab to Honda of Hollywood to get a replacement clutch cable--the show must go on!

What an excellent adventure! I hope that he'll continue to provide these reports on a daily basis. If he does, I'll post them here.

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