Thursday, December 14, 2006


Cayo Dave writes the Key West Chronicle blog. He has a couple of pithy postings that showed up in my BlogLines today.

It might be time to buy shares in the Key West-Havana Tunnel Authority.

Dave says: Although tourism is normally a bit slow in Key West between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many local businesses are grumbling that things are slower than normal.

I can confirm that I'm hearing the same things. I agree with Dave's analysis of the reasons and impacts, too. The face of the Keys is changing and it's going to have economic impacts that will prick some balloon mortgages, disrupt some business plans, and result in dislocations as yet unknown. A drop in bed taxes affects City and County budgets. Meanwhile, government continues to "invest" in schools for a disappearing student population, in artificial reefs, and in barely-profitable waterfront restaurants. Where is the vision? What do the people want? What WILL we do; what will we DO?

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