Monday, December 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go(ne) Away

After three days of nearly constant clouds and rain, the sun came out today and the forecast is for partly cloudy/partly sunny weather with only a 10% chance of showers. Radar shows only a few areas of light rain on the mainland, and a scattering of clouds around us here. Total rainfall in the three days was just over three inches, unusual in December. The rain interfered with several planned events, most notably the Bight Before Christmas night on Friday. The Lighted Boat Parade finally went off on Sunday evening, a day later than planned.

The weather also caused us to miss the appearance of The Lee Boys at the Green Parrot on Satuday night and Sunday afternoon. They play a kind of music known as sacred steel, gospel with a blues twist. We saw them last year and were looking forward to this appearance.

Janet finished packing Chrismas packages for our daughters and grandchildren. She took them to the Post Office this morning about 45 minutes before opening time, anticipating that there would be a big crowd there doing as she was doing, last minute shipping.

Now we're into countdown until Christmas. We haven't made any firm plans for the day yet. David & John are off to see family in Michigan, so we won't be having our traditional celebration with them this year. Janet just came in and she bought a ham for Christmas, so I guess we'll be dining in.

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