Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seward Johnson Sculptures

JipzeeCab wrote in a comment on my recent posting about the Southernost Point:

It's worth it to take a moment and google Seward Johnson's "images". His work is both lifelike and beautiful.
Of course I am probably the only person in the world who thinks the "southernmost buoy" is the tackiest photo oportunity in Florida this side of the "gatorland sign".
Here's an idea. How about a simple marker and Mr Johnson's magnificant seven at the foot of Simonton Street if that is indeed the real Southnmost point.

Johnson has a web site. Googling just his name yields over 58,000 links. His work is exhibited in public spaces all over the world.

I've always believed that the real Southernmost Point is located on the Navy Base, somewhere to the west of where the buoy stands today. However, I wouldn't find fault with the end of Duval St (not Simonton) as a location for the seven figures. There's room there and there are commercial properties on both sides of the street there.

Tacky? Well, maybe, but the it's the only marker like it anywhere in the U.S., isn't it? People want to be photographed there as some kind of proof of something. Like the beginning and end of U.S. 1 signs on Whitehead St. Or at the Grand Canyon Or Old Faithful, the Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Eiffel Tower, ....... but tackier.

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Steven said...

someplace I've got pictures of me walking toward the camera at the "Begin US1" sign and walking away at the "End" sign. I think those are much better than the silly big bouy that isn't even (I agree) at the real southernmost point anyway.

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