Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time for Mistletoe and -- Bougainveilla?

The Bougainveilla in Mark's yard next door is in full bloom and cascading over the fence to frame our gate. It's quite beautiful, especially when the sun comes on it in the afternoon. The drivers of the trolleys that come by about every half hour point it out and use the opportunity to tell the story of the plant. The hibiscus isn't blooming as much right now as it did last month, but we still get some blooms every day. The patio looks nice at this time of year.

John and David decorated the house for the Christmas Lights pageant, with the hope of maybe copping a prize in the annual competition. They didn't win, but the house does look nice, right up to the Widow's Walk on top, where Santa sways in the breezes that come off of the water all around. I've never been up there. John says that it's a great view of the entire island, higher, I think, than even the Key West Lighthouse next door.

There are a lot of lighted homes here on Thomas St., in fact throughout Bahama Village. One house, just down the street, stands out for all of the decorations in the yard and the Christmas music that plays on hidden speakers.

It's been our tradition since we lived here to enjoy Christmas dinner with David & John, but this year they've gone to Michigan to visit with John's family. Janet bought a ham for our dinner, and we have plans to visit with friends on Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas day and evening. Captain Outrageous is throwing a party at his Gallery Christmas day, too.

We went on the Christmas Lights trolley tour sponsored by Shanna Key Pub and Key West Children's Charities. We drove around New Town to look at light displays, including the three winning entries in the contest, then went to Pat Croce's Rum Barrel Lounge on Front St. for drinks and hors d'oeuvres before going back to Shanna Key where our car was.

The holidays -- Christmas/New Year, Hannukah and Kwanzaa -- are a festive time in the city, and they signal the beginning of high season for tourists who arrive for their winter sojourns, winter getaways, and daytrips from the mainland. Businesses are warily optimistic, hoping to see a boomlet that will make up for the relatively slow tourist season so far.

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Elizabeth Chasse said...

The house looks fantastic. Maybe you could get up on the Widow's Walk and snap a pic or two. Would like to see the view.

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