Friday, December 22, 2006

Voices from Truman Annex

I just discovered this blog titled Truman Annex Master Property Owners News -- TAMPON for short -- written by "Conchette". It appears that Conchette is herself a resident of the Annex.

From a recent posting:

Readers from Truman Annex might be interested in knowing the latest bill TAMPOA got from Attorney Bill Andersen. The bill is for November and is $79,000.00 and change. This makes the balance now owed to Andersen $125,000.00 that TAMPOA cannot pay due to insufficient funds. Of course, there will be more charges for December. Then when depositions begin in January, there will be still more charges. And more in February. And more in March. And more and more.

And here's another post that includes exchanges between Conchette and other TA residents.

It's good to know that there are some voices of reason living in the walled enclave that stands between citizens of Key West and their once and future waterfront park.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Bob, there are plenty of "voices of reason" in Truman Annex -- and they all know that statements like "the walled enclave that stands between citizens of Key West and their once and future waterfront park" are extremely unproductive.

The residents of the Truman Annex neighborhood want the citizens of our city to have a "waterfront park" to enjoy as much as anybody does. We are trying very hard to ensure that is what happens to that property.

But there are currently powerful forces working behind the scenes to turn the waterfront into a commercial zone with big "non-park" properties that will benefit the developers but will do little to provide the haven that we have all envisioned. That's the hidden agenda being ignored.

The members of both of our neighborhoods need to WORK TOGETHER to fight for this park. Continuing to promote discord between our communities plays directly into the hands of those who are only looking to cash in on the waterfront.

Robert Kelly said...

David, You were right to criticize my pejorative use of walled enclave. At times, my urge to be clever bests my desire to be fair. I haven't written much on this matter lately, but I promise to be more civil when I do.

You are right, we share a concern about the way that the Waterfront Park will impact on all of us. I'm hoping that we'll be able to focus on that soon.

Bob Kelly

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