Monday, January 01, 2007

First Day

It's a spectacularly beautiful day in Key West today, temperature of 80, high, thin clouds, widely scattered, a 5-10 knot breeze from the south, the air is dry. What a fine day to begin a whole new year.

We saw the New Year in at the Green Parrot, went to Wendy's for 'breakfast' at 12:30 AM, then came home. We slept late. I worked at the computer while Janet prepared some egg nog and sausage wraps for our Seekers' Forum meeting at the UUFKW hall tonight.

Key West was pretty near full for the weekend but, surprisingly, there hasn't been -- or at least we haven't seen -- the boisterousness of Fantasy Fest. The Parrot was more crowded than usual but the crowd appeared to be fairly evenly divided between older couples, what I call "kids", and some of the 'usual suspects'.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Bob and Janet! We can't wait to be there. Meanwhile, we're enjoying your blog as a connection to our home-to-be. Ahhhh, 80 degrees on January 1st :)

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