Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Been a Good Day (so far)

The temperature has risen to 72ºF on our patio thermometer, but Weatherbug is reporting temperatures of 63º at the Coast Guard base, 67º at the airport, and 68º at NAS Key West. The sky is a thin overcast, sunlight filtering through here and there to spotlight the bougainveilla over the gate. It's quiet outside. I hear a car pass now and then. A rooster crows nearby. Fire trucks charged down Truman Avenue about 10 minutes ago, sirens blaring and klaxons screaming urgently. They turned at Whitehead St. in the direction of Mallory Square.

I've been busy, attending to a number of things that I do. I went to the VA Clinic on Monday for a blood test drawing, a flu shot, and to see a dermatologist in Miami via a telemedicine hookup. We had a Bahama Village Consortium meeting on Monday night, a Bahama Village Music Program board meeting yesterday. These always require some time to prepare and time to document afterwards.

Captain Outrageous is expecting me to drop by, which I'll do when I drop Janet's prescription at CVS and go to the post office to check our box there. Like a couple of geeks, Captain and I both watched Steve Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld San Francisco, recorded earlier and streamed on the internet late in the day. If you've never seen Jobs' set up his famed Reality Distortion Field around a product, a service, a technology, it's worth seeing at least once. This latest keynote was all about Apple's newest innovation, the long-rumored iPhone. It does appear to be a real breakthrough and the stock market's collective wisdom seems to bear that out. The stock's price soared almost seven dollars yesterday. It's up another $4 today. Analysts are falling over themselves to raise price targets on the stock. One posted a target of $125 as the price has already risen to $96.50 from $85.00 last Friday.

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