Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Captain Outrageous Tribute

As noted on the Captain Outrageous web log, Key West friends gathered to offer tribute to Captain Outrageous, an iconic figure in The Real Key West. A collection of photos also posted at our Picasa Site.

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Anonymous said...

Bob ~ Its Lisa (iwanna) from the IOKW board.
I am so sad to hear of Capt's passing. While I never really was introduced to him, I always ran into him on my trips there. Whether it was in his gallery, or in front of the house I always saw him at, he always was so friendly with a kind word to say. To me he represented the type of person I will always associate with Key West, warm, friendly and always with a smile on their face. I know I will miss running into him on my next visit.
I am also sorry for your loss. I know that you both were very good friends. I could tell how glad you were that he was really enjoying his MAC. I think I noticed this, and was pleased that he was doing so well learning it because I just bought one recently. I found his progress encouraging.
Thank you for posting the pictures on his site of the memorial for him. What a tribute. I am sure he is pleased with how his life was celebrated.
Take care ~ Lisa

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