Friday, February 16, 2007

The Life and Death of Captain Outrageous

Senior Writer Mark Howell writes a marvelous recap of the life and death of Captain Outrageous today, in a front-pager in Solares Hill, Key West's weekly literature and arts newspaper. Mark is an old school reporter, scribbling notes furiously on his small, spiral-bound notepad, interjecting questions when needed, but hearing the nuances of the melody behind the beat, then rushing off for one more interview before writing to deadline.

His story this week is a word-tapestry of the life of one of this city's most unique Real People, the ones who are the warp and woof of The Real Key West. Mark manages to fit it all in just under 2,000 words as he plumbs both the story and its social significance to the community. Rich.

Read it on-line while you can. Solares Hill is posted as a PDF file and isn't archived, so it'll be gone next Friday.

Look too at Howell's weekly Soundings column, where this week we find among the zig-zag things he chronicles:

To call for service and get their drinks refilled, barflies in Britain years ago had the rude habit of blowing through a little whistle attached to the rim of their glasses. Hence “wet your whistle.”

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