Monday, March 26, 2007

Dormitory Housing

This might be an idea whose time is now. There are lots of working people in Key West whose housing needs are simple: a place to sleep, shower and prepare a meal or two. Dormitory housing isn't legal under Key West's building codes (unless grandfathered in), but it exists in many places. Well-run rooming houses hearken back to a different era in Key West -- and in America.

This is something I could get behind. I hope that City officials will take a serious look at it.


Anonymous said...


This is where the "NIMBY'S" come out of the woodwork big time.

Where my wife lived several years ago, we were constantly awakened at 2:00 AM by a loudmouthed Russian "labor contractor" jawboning his dozen charges from the upstairs porch next door. (Protests were unavailing.)

I'm not opposed to the concept, but it can't be allowed in high or even medium density residential zones without putting the neighbors right to quiet enjoyment at a severe disadvantage.

Perhaps it would work, but only under strict licensing and zoning regulations, something we don't seem to have right now.

John M

Kerensa said...

I think the idea is ghastly. People want their own space even if it is an efficiency.

The quality of the labor force is likely to slide down to the depths, if all we have to offer are dorm type living accommodation. Not to mention the increase in the ever widening divide between the haves in this town, and the have absolutely nothings.

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