Monday, March 05, 2007

While writing the previous post about the three out-of-town public servants arrested on Sunday morning, I was reminded of something that I saw on Duval St. this afternoon. The street was crowded at the lower end, near the bars. I had to drive around the block from Caroline Street onto Duval, to Greene, to Simonton and back to Caroline, trying to find a place to park near the former Captain Outrageous Gallery where we are doing some work.

Charles St. is a small and narrow street that runs between Duval and Telegraph Lane, next to Rick's bar complex. It's where the police usually hang out, watching for any trouble that might break out in the "fun" zone. It was early afternoon, around 1:30. I notice that there were four cruisers parked on Charles Street and as many officers standing around chatting with each other.

Since a full shift usually puts only six regular patrol officers on duty to cover the entire city, I wondered whether the four covering Duval were on overtime, or on paid extra duty, or were reserves called in to protect the tourists from each other. If not, then it seems obvious that the rest of the citizenry weren't being as well protected as usual.


Anonymous said...

Caught you on TV last night. I'm sure John Jones' blood was pumping as he sat there with his back to you. It's now 11am -- I'm tempted to ride my bike down there to see if the barricades are gone yet... :-)

Anonymous said...

Officer Torrence told me many bars are trying to hire off duty police for extra security. At $35/hr that's not a bad gig. Doubletree, too, is looking for extra security for spring break. My guess those cops you saw are pulling extra duty on the bars' dime.

Anonymous said...

I took a walk on Duval Street today and saw a cluster of about four or five cops together in the Caroline block. It seemed like a lot of cops to have altogether in one place.

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