Saturday, April 28, 2007

Other Sources

In our enforced and hopefully temporary absence, there are other good sources of what's going on here in Key West and in the Florida Keys generally.

Cayo Dave picks up on lots of interesting items at his Key West Chronicle blog.

Conchette, the Tampon Blogger, is commenting more generally about the City now while continuing to chide TAMPOA about the ongoing conflict between that organization and the City of Key West.

The Key West Citizen is a reliable source for daily reportial coverage of what's happening in the City. So is the Keynoter on a semi-weekly publishing schedule. I find their reporting to be a little more in depth than the Citizen on some matters and they haven't (yet) limited internet access as the Citizen does.

Of note in the Citizen today is this letter to the editor from David Lybrand, a resident of TAMPOA who has been urging more conciliation and less litigation.

UPDATE: Link corrected

Our daughter Susan tells us that she gets a lot of information at the It's Only Key West site. I haven't had the time to go there and get caught up on all of the conversations that have gone on since February, but it is populated mostly by people who have a love of this place and who know a lot about what's going on here.

So, until we can get back to more regular posting here , we'd encourage you to visit those other blogs. We hope to be back to join their conversations by the time Sue and Rick get here at the end of May.

Until then .......


Unknown said...

I am one of the folks who participates in the IOKW forum. I have you on my RSS feed so I see all postings as they come in. Thank you for providing the service.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the pointer to my letter, Bob. But something broke, so the actual link to the Citizen page with my note is here (it's below the letter about the Southernmost statues).

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