Friday, April 13, 2007

A Real Key West Tale

I commend your attention to an article in Solares Hill today about Commissioner Clayton Lopez and his wife Pam. It is a story like many others here, with homeowners still struggling to overcome the after-effects of the hurricanes of 2005.

Mark Howell, as always, captures the human element beautifully.


Anonymous said...

It's good to be a commissioner. Too bad that those of us who are "not so well known" get ignored.

Robert Kelly said...

It's HARD to be a Commissioner too. The job pays very little and is incredibly demanding of time. Perhaps you might contact the Lopezes (if you are in a similar position to theirs) to see if they could help you to not be ignored.

If the insurance companies are the bottleneck that they appear to be, the Solares Hill article may spur some action by them or by an outside force to settle their internecine wrangling and live up to the contracts they signed with consumers.

Those who are not part of the solution might just be a part of the problem.

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