Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fire Above, Vandenberg Below, City Managers on Parade

We went out this morning into a smoky sky, a phenomenon that we rarely see. There are fires on the mainland:

State officials said 223 fires were burning Friday over 89,670 acres in 54 of Florida's 67 counties. Most of the action was in North and Central Florida, although a blaze still raged in Collier County about 12 miles east of Naples. Thus far, no one has died, but three firefighters have been injured and 25 homes have been destroyed or damaged. Nearly 1,000 firefighters battled the flames statewide.

The headline above-the-fold in today's Key West CItizen is about sinking the USS Vandeberg for an artificial reef, a five million dollar project that is being paid for by various governmental and quasi-governmental bodies, including Monroe County and the City of Key West. Both municipalities expect to be reimbursed for their outlays. The City of Key West may already have its $2 million commitment covered by the State of Florida. Monroe County seeks its reimbursement from the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

The Key West City Commission plans to interview six candidates for the position of Key West City Manager in 10 days. These six (it was seven but one dropped out) were the top recommendations of a selection committee chaired by Mayor McPherson and made up of members appointed by each Commissioner and the current City Manager, Julio Avael. The interviews, which will be conducted in public on May 21st at Commission chambers in Old City Hall. That meeting begins at 6:00 PM. The night before, Sunday, the Manager candidates are invited to a social mixer to be held at the Southernmost House at 5:30 P.M. This is also open to the public.

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