Monday, May 14, 2007

Florida Trends

I'm paying attention to Dave's continuing series on the housing market at his blog, Key West Chronicle. I think he's mostly right, but I also thought that there was a bubble in 1999 when we first arrived here, in 2002 when we left, and in 2004 when we came back. I was probably right about 2004 -- though the boom still had almost a year yet to run before turning south. I was certainly wrong about 1999 and 2002. Had we purchased a property then, we'd have been able to cash out big time up to about the end of 2004. Based on past performance, though, we probably wouldn't have done so.

Here is another article on the topic that appeared recently in Florida, a daily source of news about what's going on in Florida.


Anonymous said...


Did you know that the article you provided a link to is nearly a year-and-a-half old?

Robert Kelly said...

To anonymous: I didn't notice the date. The article popped up at Florida Trends only this past week. They must be padding out with previously published material.

Nevertheless, the story sure has "legs". It seems as appropriate today as it did seventeen months ago.

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