Sunday, May 20, 2007

Haste Makes Waste

The City Commission is pressing to put the annexation of Wisteria Island to a vote on second reading. If the Commission passes it Monday afternoon at around 2:00 PM, the act will be done, there'll be no turning back. The City won't actually own the island, it will merely have the opportunity to approve development which might (or might not) provide additional tax revenues for government to spend. That might (or might not) be a good thing

I spoke on last Tuesday's Commission meeting, along with many others, in favor of slowing down this process and allowing the citizens of Key West to express their wishes in public dialogue before making their own individual decision based on what they believe their constituents want them to do. Rather than putting the decision off until their next regular meeting (in June), they've scheduled it for a rare Monday afternoon meeting, to precede their interviews with candidates for City Manager.

This is not an urgent matter to anyone but, perhaps, the owners. It can wait until its explained to the Town Meeting.

Haste makes waste!

Slow down. This ain't the mainland.

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