Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hurrah for Last Stand

Judge David Audlin ruled yesterday that the City of Key West could not grant permission to transfer transient rental licenses into Old Town under a controversial change to the City's Code of Ordinances this past January. The ordinance change was being used to allow transfer of transient rental licenses from Pritam Singh's Parrot Bay condominium redevelopment at the former Hampton Inn on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

I'm very pleased. I'm sure that the Hettinger's, next door to the house on Whitehead Street where the licenses were going to be transferred, are even more so.

The Key West Citizen covers it on the front page today (but it's behind the subscription firewall). I'll try to remember to update with the Keynoter's coverage tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

There's a copy of the Citizen article: here.

Anonymous said...

"Hurrah for Last Stand"

Wow! Perhaps we are not destined to become "the Disneyland that went to sea" after all!

Stranger things have happened, even here in Key West!

Thanks, and a tip o' th' hat to ya, all those involved!

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