Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Had This Great Idea Once ....

Ever since Apple opened its Apple Stores around the country and around the world it seemed to me that its concept could easily be scaled down to smaller stores that served smaller markets -- such as Key West. Apparently, Tom Mulhall had the same idea, but he did something with it.

Mulhall the owner and president of Macintosh Systems Solutions, a Keys-based, Apple-only Authorized Service Provider. (The web site hasn't caught up with the store yet but it likely will.)

Here's the Keynoter article.

I dropped by the store on Saturday for a look. It's beautifully done. The sales area is laid out in the fashion of the real Apple Stores, clean and simple, with hands-on stations showing iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the Mac Mini, Apple's gorgeous cinema displays, and iPods of course, lots of iPods. Just to the rhight of the entrance there's a theater room, showing off Apple TV and the use of Mac as an A/V controller.

Joe Kukella was at the cash register (another Macintosh) selling a bunch of iPods to a group of Italian tourists. There were people at other machines waiting for Joe to get to them, to answer their questions perhaps, r to get a price. I could see that there is a well-laid out service room just off the sales floor and good-sized room in the back, probably destined to become the company's class room.

I didn't want to take up any of Joe's time. It was obvious that he had his hands full, at least that day. So I gave him a thumbs-up, told him how great everything looked, and said I'd come back another time.

I and my Mac-owning friends welcome the store, wish them well, and hope that Tom and Joe succeed beyond their imaginations.

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