Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rommel and I

Nearly every day, twice a day, Rommel and I go for a walk around Old Town. Mornings and afternoons, before we open the Gallery, I put on his choker collar and leash and we head out the Ann St. gate to see what's going on "out there". Mostly, I like to head toward Duval Street and Mallory Square, but Rommel seems to prefer to walk on some of the streets back here, Caroline, Eaton, Fleming, and even as far as Southard Street.

People told me that walking Rommel would be a problem, that he'd do what most dogs seem to do, to take the lead, strain against his leash, and woe unto me if he spotted another dog while we're walking. What they didn't know is what I found out, that Rommel is actually very well trained, that he know how to walk at heel, that he can be controlled to ignore other dogs -- most of the time. Like most dogs, he follows his nose, sniffing wherever another dog might have recently been, marking territory as his own. About half the time, he'll use the walk to empty his bowels, no matter where we might be at the moment the urge comes on him. Out comes the doggy cleanup bag and I take care of his deposit. Some of the waste barrels spotted about town have bag dispensers on their side, so I stock up for those times when there isn't a dispenser available.

Once we get back to the house, he waits for the brief training session we usually have, anticipating the cheese stick rewards that go along with that. We've mastered sit, stay, lay down and come, and give me your paw. I'm not sure what else there is to know.

Rommel belongs to the owner of these properties that we look after. He grew up here at the house we're in and pretty much rules the roost here. Our dog, Maggie, knows very well whose house it is and she behaves respectfully toward him. But she gets to go to the Gallery and he doesn't. So there!


Anonymous said...

Ja, das ist ein guter Hund!

Anonymous said...

Aww,I miss Rommel. Give him a pet from me and tell "Rommy-roms" that I say hi.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a beutiful way to start your morning & rommel's - I used to live on a sail boat in safe harbor years ago, and the mornings were always one of my favorites. Of course, we always had the sunset at Malory - if we missed the morning. I really miss the Keys, especially Key West.
Thomas - hcwoodworks@yahoo.com

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