Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Want to swap houses?

A couple of days ago a caller to the Citizens' Voice complained about there not being a clean, smoke-free laundry in Key West where he/she could go to wash and dry his/her clothes at any time of night or day. In today's Voice, this droll suggestion:

"To the person who laments the smoke-filled, non-24-hour laundry: Come on up to Cleveland. You can wash your clothes at my smoke-free house any time day or night. Can I stay at your place on the island?"

And, oh, yes. Undoubtedly you notice that the Citizen only reveals one item from the Citizens' Voice each day, part of their marketing strategy (I suppose) to encourage street sales and subscriptions, or the purchase of articles, or the on-line, PDF version of the paper. A PDF-only subscription is half the rate of home delivered. Home delivered subscriptions include access to the on-line edition. Frankly, I like the convenience of being able to carry the paper with me to the porch and other places where I normally sit down (wink, wink), to be able to pick it up and solve the celebrity cipher, see what kind of day my horoscope has in store for me, and of course, read the comics. I also like being able to save certain articles in an idea file for potential use later on.

I wonder of they've noticed that the New York Times has dropped its Premium service and opened access to the things that were behind the toll gate. There has been a lot of coverage of Rupert Murdoch's desire to make the Wall Street Journal pay-less as well.

It seems that on-line advertising is turning out to be a business model that works for some. It certainly has worked for Google -- so far.

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