Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is this the little girl I married?

Forty-five years ago today -- it was a Saturday then, too -- at this very hour I stood at the head of the aisle of Sacred Heart church in Watertown, Massachusetts awaiting the fateful moment when the girl who was to become my wife would appear in the doorway to walk down that aisle and join me at the altar. When the moment arrived, my knees shook and nearly buckled. The rest of that day is somewhat a blur now in memory, recalled primarily through old photos and a wedding album that is here somewhere in the house.

We began that marriage in wonder. Where would life take us? Would there be children? (There are, two daughters.) A brief honeymoon in Quebec Province,
a new apartment in Lawrence, MA, returning to jobs were the initial steps that have since taken us on a journey that, so far, planted us here in Key West, another adventure in what we both view as an adventurous life.

Is this the little girl I married? Yes, it is.

We'll celebrate this day by venturing out to Sunset Key for dinner at Latitudes Restaurant, a place we haven't been before.

So, Janet, happy anniversary to us.

I love you still.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - congratulations! Enjoy Latitudes... very pretty place.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Bob, I'm sure it's been a nice one....

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Bob and Janet!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bob and Janet! May life continue to be happy an safe for both of you, your loved ones and friends.

I enjoy your reports out of Key West very much. Excellent writing, Bob.

What are some of the jobs you've held, if I may ask? Any involve writing?


Anonymous said...

How was your dinner at the Latitude restaurant on Sunset Key? How does one get over there?

I came across this video review of the top 5 romantic restaurants in Key West...Michael's, Cafe Marquesa, Roof Top Cafe, Opera & Little Palm Island. Can you recommend any of these?


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Bob & Janet, and many more of the same!

Anonymous said...

hi this is one of the girls of the rotc from the reunion.i gave you my are you? i hope you are both doing well.i love the blogs and looking forward to the pictue =] well I have to go. talk to you soon. TAKE CARE Bob and JANET!


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