Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A New Atlantis?

This AP article was part of a multi-story feature in last Sunday's Key West Citizen, on the effects of a rise in sea levels brought on by global warming. It says that there are three primary ways of dealing with rises in sea levels, should they occur: abandonment, protection (think The Netherlands or New Orleans, or building higher (think Venice). Long-term projections of such rises show particularly serious losses to land masses in the Florida Keys and, in fact, in all of Florida. And lest you think yourself immune, the predictions also affect lots of other states in the U.S. and other nations. This is New York.

Cayo Dave posted a video of the effects of a one meter (39") rise on the Florida Keys and on Key West, as well as an earlier post on the topic.

This paragraph in the AP piece caught my eye:
One state, Maine, requires developers to anticipate the future. It has regulation that demands that sea level rise be considered before permits are issued for new large buildings. That rule has blocked construction of some high-rises.

Wouldn't it be prudent for Monroe County and other municipalities in the Florida Keys to consider something like that?

Or are we destined to live someday in the new Atlantis?

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