Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

I found out about this blog post from last July when I opened Sloan Bashinsky's own post with the same name in Today's Cock-a-doodle-doo for October 16 at Good Morning Key West.

The writer bemoans what is happening to the place she loved so well and makes some telling points about what those things are and why they happened.

Here's and excerpt:

No, we can’t stop the evolvement of our community, but for God’s sake, we can shape it. I know, this is not the Keys which attracted thousands of visitors from as far away as Australia. They used to breathe in at the airport and cry when they left. Now, they will come once, and never return. They will tell their friends, it’s just another eyesore of what used to be paradise.

and another:

Our whole community is based on fairness, or was. Without fairness, the people lose faith. Without faith in justice, people take matters into their own hands. When people take matters into their own hands, they are arrested. When will we wake up? When we are so frustrated that we put our belongings on the street for sale and leave in our cars with our pets and move to Costa Rica? Or will we fight for what is right as a group, and stop the madness and the greed that has taken over our island? We need to stand together and try to move away from concrete and beige buildings, gated communities, and $100.00 per meal restaurants, and step back into the past of the pinks and greens, the close knit neighborhoods, and the homemade clam chowder and real grouper sandwiches. We need to support the fishermen, the homeless, the chickens, the iguanas, the reefs, the beaches, the boat dwellers, etc. We need to consider all of the Keys as a historical district and ACT ACCORDINGLY TO PRESERVE IT!!!

It's a cri de coeur, a cry of the heart. There are few of us who came here and loved it who haven't thought about leaving for all of the reasons in this post. Maybe that's how they want it.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Interesting, Key West's vibe is what first drew me to wanting to Move to FL in the first place.I now think I made a mistake coming to Fort Myers first (I still feel it is a stop over to KW). It would be a shame that once I got down there to live, the vibe would be gone. I know it is not the place I first visited 15 years ago (and kept coming back. I should have stayed then. Well enough of the could of, would of, should of. It is never too later to pack up and change.... Hopefully I will be there soon.

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