Saturday, October 06, 2007

One of our tenants, Michael, went through a rough patch a couple of months ago and fell seriously behind in his rent. But he came to us and committed to getting caught up, which he has done by standing in front of Home Depot at 7:00 AM offering to work hard for cash today.

He took a variety of day-long jobs before being hired by recent arrivals from North Carolina, a husabnd and wife who recently sold their stake in fast food restaurants in Kitty Hawk. He's been working at their house for about a week now. Early this morning we saw him coming home, dressed in a white shirt and long pants, not his usual attire, and carrying several items.

He was coming home from the 7:30 A.M. Mass at St. Mary's church on Truman Avenue. His new employer invited him there to meet a visiting priest, Fr. Joseph Klaus. Michael, a non-Catholic and unfamiliar with the ritual of the Catholic Mass, said that he did his best to sit, stand and kneel at the appropriate times, but he found the rite to be puzzling.

Afterwards, he stayed to chat for a while. He came home with a day off from his boss, a bowl of lobster soup, some other food, and a third of a fifth of Jose Cuervo Reserva, gifts from his employer and Fr. Klaus.

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