Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Milestone Visit to Massachusetts

Janet and I are in Massachusetts this weekend for my 50th high school reunion, Lowell High School, class of '57. It's cold and raw, and we're experiencing some of the effects of hurricane (now tropical storm) Noel which is passing off the coast of New England on its way to the Canadian Maritimes. It's odd that we have to come 1700 miles to be affected by our first hurricane this season.

We went to a social get-together last night at the high school. It now consists of the original school building that I went to, built in 1922, and a new school built in stages since 1988. Lowell High is an inner-city school in a city that is still a melting pot for many nationalities. In my day, it was primarily Irish, Greek, French-Canadian with smatterings of Polish and Portuguese. Now the population is more mixed, with large populations of Asians (Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese) and Hispanics. Jack Kerouac, French-Canadian in descent, graduated from LHS in 1939.

We parked in front of the older part of the school and were escorted by one of the cadets of LHS' Junior Air Force ROTC. You can see in this picture how sharp they looked. They were also exceedingly polite and helpful. The program at LHS is one of the largest such in the U.S. and has won a multitude of awards over the years since it was formed.

Last night's gathering was a social prior to tonight's actual reunion at Vesper Country Club in Tyngsborough, MA. I was a caddy there in 1954 or 1955.) About 90 former classmates and their significant others were at the social; 205 are expected tonight. Our graduating class was 524 (I am told), so that isn't a bad turnout for 50 years later.

We'll be back in Key West late Tuesday, maybe soon enough to hear the results of the city election that day on our drive down from Miami.

We'll be back at work in the Gallery on Wednesday. More then.

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