Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Residentially Challenged

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found this new (to me) Key West blogger. He goes by the handle ConchScooter, works as a dispatcher for the Key West Police Department, and rides his Triumph Bonneville and Vespa scooter here. He's been publishing the blog since mid-2006 and I've been reading back through some of his postings from the past. He's a keen observer of the Keys lifestyle and clearly a participant in it. He gets a spot in my blogroll over there ---->

Janet & I attended the City Summit on Duval Street this morning, held at the new Beachside Resort & Conference Center on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Around a hundred citizens attended and shared ideas on what might be done to improve the Duval Street experience for tourists and resident alike, or if in fact there was any need to change Duval Street from what it is today. There was little disagreement on that point; it was nearly unanimous that it does. So the conversations revolved on what kind of changes and how to go about bringing them about.

One of the topics that got a lot of attention was the presence of vagrant panhandlers and their behavior toward tourists and residents. These people are the hard-core homeless with no interest in anything but cadging enough money for their next bottle or bowl or other "fix" to make them forget their miseries. Conch Scooter did a nice photo essay a couple of weeks ago, titled The Residentially Challenged, that explains it all.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I are working on our goal of moving to the Florida Keys this coming fall (08). I thought I would post a comment about how much I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for taking the time and effort to keep us posted on life in the Keys.

Conchscooter said...

Thank you for the mention, especially as I haven't a clue what the alert thingy is. On reflecting how I can barely remember life in California in 1982when I first moved there, I figured perhaps I should write myself a diary to peruse in my future decrepitude, to remember my Key West in the "good old days."

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