Monday, February 11, 2008

Bahama Village

ConchScooter has been busy, exploring places on his Triumph motorcycle, taking pictures, and writing about them in his Key West Diary.

Here's a recent photo essay about Bahama Village. His take on it is pretty dead-on. He does a good summary of Stock Island in today's posting.

We went to Stock Island ourselves yesterday to visit friends who recently bought a trailer there after living in Key West for nearly ten years. The trailer isn't much to look at but they own the lot it sits on and plan to build there at some point in the future. First, though, they're building a larger home on three acres on a river-view lot near Clearwater.

I was surprised at how quiet it is out there compared to here in downtown Old Town. We drank a couple of beers and enjoyed a steak cooked on the grill in their yard, next to the hot tub that isn't working just yet, by the tiki bar, and close to the recording studio.

We met Ri and Sandy in 1999 when they stopped at the shoe store we were running then and have been friends ever since.

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