Sunday, March 30, 2008

History of Key West

I share with Chris, a tenant and a friend, an interest history, especially the history of Key West, the Keys and Florida. I gave him a link to the Mile-Markers web site, a trove of photographs assembled by the Monroe County Public Library and presented at this site in a format designed by project partners Florida International University and Florida Center for Library Automation. The Historic Florida Keys Foundation also had a hand in assembling and selecting items included at the site.

Today I discovered this new resource at Wikipedia, a collection of Wiki pages focused on Key West history. I sent the link to Chris. I'll soon explore it myself, looking for interesting new material for the blog and for a forthcoming update to the earlier published histories (1, 2) of this place.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good historic info there, thanx for the pointer.

Amongst your references I found one of them especially helpful: the Key Names database. Definitely answered some long-standing questions I had about the names of various Keys.

Also uncovered some interesting tidbits, e.g., Key Haven is actually Racoon Key... :-)

Tortuga said...

Housing needed! Urgent!

Please post and forward this message.

Capt. Jim Hale is in immediate need of a new place to live.
(due to unforeseen circumstances)

He has been living and working in Key West for over 20 YEARS and has done great things for our Key West Community over the years. Now is the time that someone in our community can step in and give him a leg up with a good rental offer.
He will make a great tenant. He has excellent references and a steady income.

Please call Capt. Jim if you know of any housing available in Key West or the lower keys.

Capt. Jim can be reached at 305-923-4970. Please leave a message if he cannot answer right away.

Thank you,

Tom Stroh
Catamaran Echo - Dolphin Echo Inc.

Anonymous said...

As an out of stater it's hard to keep up on whats going on in Key West. I was told by a friend a 25 million dollar lawsuit was filed last wek at the clerks office against the City of Key west. I was told its right on the same line as Duck Tours?

Robert Kelly said...

To Old Key Wester: There's nothing on file at the Clerk of the Court's web site showing any suits against the City since March 18th and that doesn't appear to be of the nature of Ducks.

Any idea who the plaintiff might be?

Anonymous said...

Bob, check out these incredible videos of Key West on You Tube. Click on "More Info" on the right hand side.


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