Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outrageous Art

A reader e-mailed me this photo of a Captain Outrageous painting that a friend of hers owns. Her friend would like to sell the painting, and she asked if there is a market for his art and if this painting is salable. It's 3' H by 4' W, probably acrylic on canvas and it appears to have a narrow frame.

Truth is, I don't know. Most of the Captain's art was sold or otherwise disposed of during his lifetime. No doubt that there are people here and elsewhere who have collected some of it. I spoke to one man who says that he has four or five paintings. Another couple on White St. have some of his sculpture in their courtyard patio and some of his paintings in the house. His Demotivational Seminar van and his Mercedes convertible are still here in Key West. So is his house trailer, the one he loved (sic) in on Green St. where the Conch Republic Seafood Co. parking lot is now

Sherry, his girlfriend, may have some of the things that were in their home. Everything that Captain had in his possession at his death was stored away, and it has now been dispersed in the probate process that followed.

Anyone care to make an offer on the painting? I'll pass it on.

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