Friday, May 09, 2008

Highlands Follow-up

Here's another quote from the article cited in the previous post:

One trend in the region’s workforce that could help make up a worker deficit is the practice of bringing in students from other countries. Harrah’s and country clubs are already dependent on this seasonal boost.

A group from Bali is currently working at Harrah’s, and more students from other countries have been lined up for the summer, Blaylock said.

“They help us fill hard-to-fill positions,” she said, citing positions in housekeeping and janitorial services.

Harrah’s uses about 200 foreign students each year, each working 60- to 90-day stints. The company that does the recruiting is also responsible for housing the students, Blaylock said, and usually contracts with a local hotel.

Gomes also relies on foreign students. He touted their work ethic and willingness to do whatever is asked.

“They work really, really hard,” Gomes said. “Harder than I’ve seen most of our kids work. Without them, it would be very rough to get through the season.”

Gomes houses the student workforce in his village and at a six-bedroom apartment building near the inn owned by Old Edwards Hospitality Group. A few will stay outside of Highlands.

Lots of similarities with Key West. We have our eastern Europeans, Haitians, Japanese, and of course the middle-easterners who dominate the t-shirt trade. Some of these are also contract workers who may or may not be provided with housing.

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