Friday, June 13, 2008

What's going on?

Friday morning. It's spitting a little rain as Johnny does the weekly cleanup around the Caroline and Ann Street properties. Rommel is on the deck resting up from his walk, shortened a little by Chris as Rommel tests out his right foreleg. He was limping when I got back from New England on Tuesday afternoon. Chris examined his paw thoroughly and didn't find anything obvious. We took him to the All-Animal Clinic on Stock Island Wednesday afternoon where they also saw no obvious reason for the limp. Dr. Lisa prescribed an anti-inflammatory for a few days to see if that would help. If not, we'll take him back early next week for more diagnosis. Chris reports that Rommel's walking better, but he continues to favor the right leg a little.

I was in New England, Massachusetts specifically, to celebrate with my family the 90th birthday of our mother and matriarch of a large extended family. I'm Irish, you know, so family is important. My Mom, though is of solid Canadian stock, a family with a good record of longevity, making me hopeful that I have some of those good genes to carry me through.

I gave Janet a couple of days off in gratitude for her covering the gallery and the property management for six consecutive days. I wanted her to take more but she insisted that I take today off. I'll do the weekend days, as I normally do. I dove back in to things on Wednesday morning, catching up on my bookkeeping routines, a three hour Community Land Trust meeting on Wednesday night, a Bahama Village community meeting last night before going to Mallory Square to listen to a short performance by the U.S. Navy Band Southeast's Ceremonial Band [sic]. They're in Key West to perform at the Change of Command ceremonies being conducted at NAS Key West on Boca Chica Key.

Discussion at the Bahama Village community meeting was all about crime in the Village, an attempted shooting in the street on Sunday morning, a related fire-bombing at one of the BCCLT houses on Geraldine Street. Captain Scott Smith stood in for interim Chief Donie Lee and was accompanied by a cadre other officers. The perpetrator of the shooting was picked up a day after the Sunday incident, but his gun, a .45 caliber, is thought to still be somewhere in the community and a CrimeStoppers reward is being offered for its recovery.

As I drove home from the BCCLT board meeting on Wednesday, I saw a lot of police activity around the Robert Gabriel Apartments, a Key West Housing Authority housing village on Whitehead Street close by the Hemingway House. I heard at the community meeting last night that police were negotiating all day the surrender of drug sale suspect who fled into his father's apartment and refused to come out.

Tom Kemper has been blogging about Bahama Village lately and has some comments on the recent incidents. The Key West Citizen and the Florida Keys Keynoter both have coverage.

Meanwhile, Key West the Newspaper brings its continuing coverage of turmoil in the KWPD over the proposed firing of suspended officer Tom Neary for what is described as "conduct becoming". I'll have much more to say about that in a forthcoming post here. Today's issue should be up on the web later today.

On Monday night, the Key West Citizens Review Board will meet at 6:00 PM in the Nutrition Center on Olivia Street in Bahama Village. the CRB will once again consider the complaint made by Tom Luna that he was mistreated by KWPD officers at the Lower Keys Medical Center following the death of his life partner, then again at his home when he returned there. CRB members sent back to the KWPD its own Internal Affairs investigation findings as 'insufficiently thorough". The CRB will also get updates on several other investigations that are pending, and will also receive any public comments that citizens care to make.

Then, on Tuesday, the Key West City Commission meeting takes up a request by BCCLT for reimbursement for development fees withheld in years past by a succession of prior Commissions, for primarily political reasons.

So there are very few dull moments for anyone who cares enough to keep some semblance of a real community in the Southernmost City. If you live here, you ought to be engaged. As good as it is, Key West can be so much better. There's a real difference between good enough and great!. Who's for Great! Government?

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